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Creator of South Bay Tutors, the very best in home math and science instructors for the South Bay area.

In home Tutoring South Bay

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If you are seeking a math or science tutor for the cities of Torrance or Redondo Beach or other surrounding areas out network has some amazing tutors to match you up with.

Check our web site linked above for detailed profiles of each tutor, including education, location, subjects, and more.

Statistics AP Tutor Lessons Palos Verdes Redondo beach

Our network has some amazing tutors this year and we are covering a wide array of subjects.

Joseph is available for statistics tutoring for AP statistics in Palos Verdes and Redondo Beach. He also does algebra for all levels as well as chemistry and English for in home lessons.

Thada is our math and physics expert. He tutors AP physics and calculus in the Torrance and Redondo Beach areas for in home lessons.

Alida is our Spanish and college apps specialist and is available for in home tutoring for Palos Verdes and Torrance areas.

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Special Needs and Statistics AP Tutor Availability.

Joseph is now available at various times on weekday evenings and Sundays for in home tutor lessons for special needs students for all K-8th classes and for high school level math and English classes. In home tutor lessons for other classes in Palos Verdes and Torrance / Redondo Beach areas are also available by other tutors in the network.

Matt is our math expert and does calculus and algebra at all levels for in home tutoring in Palos Verdes and Torrance.

Jessica is a UC Berkeley graduate who tutors math through calculus 2 and also does geometry and trigonometry for Redondo beach and Manhattan beach areas.

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Calculus and Physics AP Tutor Lessons Torrance Redondo Beach.

Our network has three amazing tutors to help with advanced math and science courses in the comfort of your own home in the South Bay areas.

Jessica is a recent UC Berkeley graduate who lives in Manhattan beach. With her applied math bachelors degree she can help with all calculus classes for the manhattan beach and Redondo beach areas and also does tutor lessons for algebra and geometry.

Thada and Matt live in the Torrance area and cover calculus and physics AP tutor lessons in the Palos Verdes and Torrance areas for both high school and college level students.

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Algebra Tutor Torrance Redondo Beach

Algebra is one of the courses students need the most help with for one on one tutoring in the Torrance and Palos Verdes areas.

Now especially with common core added in, these are classes that need to be explained. If your student is lucky and gets a good teacher he may not need a tutor; if his teacher is lacking though in explanation skills or just doesn’t care one on one help may be greatly beneficial.

ABout half of our network tutors algebra one and two. For info on them check out our site at algebra tutor in home Torrance Redondo, math tutor palos verdes, special needs tutor Redondo beach Torrance, statistics tutor palos verdes, physics ap tutor Redondo beach

HOme School Tutoring now available from South Bay Tutors

Joseph is now available for in home tutoring for home schooled students. IN the past 3 years he has helped numerous students to do well with their online curriculums. He prefers this to the regular teachers as there is often more flexibility in terms of how a student can approach a problem for math and other courses.

Joseph also tutors statistics AP and has the books that are used for the Palos Verdes schools as well as most other South Bay schools and El Camino. Additionally, he can teach how to use the calculator (Ti-83/84) to solve various statistics problems.

For more info on Joseph and other tutors check out our web site at home school tutor Torrance, statistics tutor palos verdes, calculus tutor Redondo beach, special needs tutor manhattan beach

Spanish and SAT Tutor Lessons Torrance Redondo Beach

Our SAT specialists are Aisha and Sahar. Each has been extensively trained in the new SAT by a major test prep company. Aisha works for Kaplan and Sahar was trained by the Princeton Review. Each will go to most cities in the South Bay and can help with the math and verbal sections.

For Spanish tutor lesson in Redondo Beach and Torrance Alida is our premier tutor. She was a teacher at LAUSD for many years and now does one on one tutoring for Spanish AP and regular.

Alida is also available for travelers who want to learn Spanish quickly or who want to learn about the culture of the place they are traveling to. She makes Spanish fun and interesting and really has a passion for it.

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Spanish AP Tutor Alida

Alida is our language expert. She taught Spanish for LAUSD at the high school level for 20 years. She tutors Spanish Ap and other courses for the cities of Redondo beach Torrance and Palos Verdes.

Alida also works great with ESL students. She is exceptional as well with college application essays and English classes.

For more info on Alida and other tutors in the network check us out at spanish tutor Redondo beach Torrance, English tutor Redondo beach Torrance, ESL tutor palos verdes manhattan beach

In Home Physics AP Calculus AP and Special Needs Tutoring Torrance Redondo Areas.

Our network is gearing up for the new year; here is more info on what we have to offer.

Thada is our math and physics wizard. He is available to tutor physics AP and calculus AP (as well as more advanced subjects in these fields and other courses in science and math such as chemistry and honors pre-calculus). He lives in Torrance and will tutor in that city and in Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes.

Joseph and Paulina are available for special needs in home tutor lessons for students who learn differently. Paulina is great with grade and middle school and Joseph works best with high school and middle school students.

For more detailed info on these and other tutors in the south bay area check out our web site at physics tutor Torrance Redondo, calculus tutor palos verdes manhttan beach, special needs tutor rolling hills south bay

Special needs math chemistry algebra tutoring Torrance Redondo areas.

There will be around a dozen tutors on our team for the upcoming school year. Some of them, including Paulina and Joseph, are excellent with special needs students who need help with various courses in the Redondo beach and Torrance areas.

Joseph specializes in math and science classes for middle school and high school. He also can help students to improve writing and grammar skills for 6th through 12th grade as well as college. SAT and ACT for both math and English are also subjects he covers.

Paulina has classroom and small group experience for many years. She has patience that would make a Harvard therapist jealous and an amazing ability to connect with students that other tutors have been unable to do so with. She is excellent for all subjects for K-8th grade and will go to your home in the South Bay and surrounding cities for in home tutoring lessons.

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