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New: Joseph is now doing AP statistics tutoring for Palos Verdes, Torrance, and Redondo Beach areas. This class can be quite difficult but with someone to explain and encourage the student it doesn't have to be.

Welcome to my web page. Aside the subjects I tutor the area of tutoring that I specialize in is with students who have ADHD and auditory processing disorders. If your student needs tutoring and has an IEP there is a good chance I have experience with it. As a child I learned differently than other students. Once something was explained well to me I could learn quickly. When it came to listening to the teachers though I was often confused, and often the teachers became upset because they thought I was not paying attention on purpose.

The teachers in the 1980's had minimal knowledge about auditory processing issues and often I would be criticized or spoken to harshly for simply not understanding them. If your student has trouble learning from the teacher or from the book or just processes information differntly than others this is where my techniques can be highly effective. I believe we all learn differently and that the ideal tutor must learn *how* the pupil learns and adapt accordingly. Is he/she a visual or conceptual learner? What are his/her strengths and weaknesses? Is there an element of anxiety from a lack of understanding from past teachers or tutors? It is these and many other questions that I seek to answer when I first sit down with a new student. Once a student learns how to learn optimally and is encouraged and gains confidence great things can happen.

Some specific subjects I tutor in the Torrance and Redondo Beach areas are all Algebra courses and English for K-12. Chemistry is a subject I began tutoring a couple of years ago and now am able to do well with the local Redondo Beach and Torrance curriculums for this difficult subject. For the subject of Spanish I can do the first 2 years for most textbooks. Lastly, I am available as a general K-12 academic coach. I've always had a knack for motivating students to get outside of their comfort zone and get to a higher plane of performance with their studies.

In 2004 I had tutored a bit here and there, but the thought of doing it for a living had never really entered my mind. Things took a radical turn in the winter of 2004 when I was hired onto the College Math Faculty at Marymount College in PV. (I spent a total of 3 years at Marymount; from 2004 to 2007)

Immediately I began tutoring in the learning center 7 hours per week...and learned that it was in explaining math that I excelled. During that first year at the college I learned as much as I could to develop myself as a tutor...working one on one and also in small groups. I read the college's handouts on math anxiety, test anxiety, and many other topics...and learned from my mentor Sharon about different techniques and especially how to be a great tutor to those students who had learning challenges such as ADD and other auditory processing disorders.

After several months on the math faculty I began doing private tutoring on a more regular basis....and when one student after another would tell me horror stories of inept tutors who would charge massive fees I began thinking of a way to remedy the situation. I also found out how awful tutors could be when I had to re-learn some trigonometry and tried to find a tutor in the private sector to aid me. In December of 2005 I created a web site with the purpose of matching up tutors I had hand selected with students in need of their services. With my knowledge of web site design the only costs we incurred were in the ads we put up on the internet. Fast forward to today and we are a network of a dozen independent tutors in the South Bay and Los Angeles areas. Each is a great tutor and I am honored to share this web site with them.

Thank you

Joseph Tillotson

  • Marymount College Math Faculty: 2004-2007
  • Creator of South Bay Tutors
  • Bachelor's degree Finance CSULB 1999.
  • Private Math, Chemistry, AP statistics Redondo Beach, Ap statistics Palos Verdes, ACT, SAT, and English tutor for Torrance, Redondo Beach, and Palos Verdes.